Underpinning is the process we use to strengthen the foundations of an existing building.

When houses are extended or changed, the below ground below is excavated and support for the structure above ground is weakened.

We underpin to strengthen and stabilise the ground through the use of piling and grouting.

Piling involves boring holes in various ways, and filling the cavities with concrete to provide a strong, permanent support for walls, blocks and beams. 


Subsidence is the usual cause for needing to be underpinned outside of extending.

If the support around the foundations of a building are moved, or taken away the structure becomes compromised. A Building (or Structural) Survey give the specific requirements you need.

Employing a reputable Structural Engineer is essential, they will run the report and give you the information you need. We can take this information and get you a transparent quote for the work needed.


We have over 45 years’ experience in underpinning and piling. We own all our machinery and have a dedicated expert team ready to work on your project.

You can trust Simpile’s transparent quoting, offering you and your project full visibility on the cost it will incur.

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