Ground Beams and Slabs

Ground beams and slabs are a staple of what we do. The specifications used are principally based on the load they support and ground conditions.

We have expertise in installing ground beams across an extensive variety of sites, in particular where there is the challenge of poor ground conditions.

We have experience of working on extensions and new builds, for single plots as well as for larger developments.


Usually laid on top of piles or a slab, the beam supports blockwork or brick walls.

It can be used to edge concrete floors as well! They’re a great choice for new builds as they’re quick to lay.

Ground beams and slabs are more versatile than other options. Where terrain is poor or patchy in nature they can be laid on top with no issues.  


We own all our equipment, so we’re in control of what happens and when. If you’re on a deadline, we can help you.

With years of industry expertise behind us, we know what we’re doing and will always make sure the job gets done.

Simpile Basement Construction
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