Continuous Flight Auger Piling

Continuous flight auger (or CFA piles) are quicker to install than traditional bored piles.

By drilling and concreting in one continuous movement it is a swift operation. Reinforcing the piles is done once the concrete is poured.


They are used to provide structural support. Site boundaries can be shored up, and they can be used to prevent landslides.

If you want to protect an existing building close to a site these can be installed.

A huge advantage that they have is the lack of vibration, allowing close work to existing buildings.


We have the equipment and knowledge to make sure your project goes without a hitch.

If you want peace of mind, and to come in on budget, then drop us a line.

With years of expertise under our belts, we can help you scope out what’s required and deliver on time.

Piling in Brighton Foundations Team on site with Continuous Flight Auger Piling Rig
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