Simpile Adds Geax EK75 Piling Rig to Fleet

Simpile adds the cutting-edge Geax EK75 continuous auger piling rig to their fleet

This month, Simpile has unveiled a brand-new rig in their fleet of piling equipment, the Geax EK75. By investing in the latest machinery tech, Simpile can take on larger, more complex piling and groundworks projects and operate in a more sustainable, environmentally friendly way.

Geax EK75 is one of the newest rigs available

Only in production for a few years, the Geax EK75 is one of the newest piling rigs available. It has been intelligently designed, making the Geax EK75 versatile, efficient, and operator friendly. Although it may have a compact footprint, it has comparable performance to bigger rigs, with the ability to drill through hard ground and work in demanding site conditions without compromising on results. The clever engineering of the Geax EK75 combines a digger base and a mast system, which gives the operator complete control and allows them to get closer to the wall piling than ever before.

Environmental impact of construction using machinery

In addition, thanks to the Geax EK75’s increased efficiency, and modern engine, the rig has a much lower environmental impact than traditional construction machinery. Plus, it is a much quieter rig to operate, resulting in less noise pollution. Simpile are one of the limited construction and piling companies in the UK with such a versatile rig on their fleet.

Adam Gander, Managing Director at Simpile, said:

Renewing the fleet of equipment is crucial to us at Simpile. Conscious of both the environment and our staff, by investing in the future with the latest machinery, we can deliver high impact results with a low impact on the environment thanks to the Geax EK75’s lower emissions. Plus, using state-of-the-art machinery is more comfortable for our staff to operate, creating a more ergonomic environment. In addition, the Geax EK75 will allow us to be more competitive and versatile, taking on larger and more complex projects.

Based in Haywards Heath, Sussex, and operating throughout London and the South-East as one of the leading piling companies in the region, Simpile is a family-run business with over 45 years of experience working in the construction industry. They provide piling services to both residential clients and contractors at new build developments, for local authorities, architects, engineers, and public infrastructure.

By investing in the Geax EK75 rig, Performance Foundation isn’t just able to be more competitive when tendering; they’re also able to offer their customers increased versatility, larger piling capacity and the ability to take on more significant projects. In fact, the Geax EK75 has already enabled Simpile to take on new larger projects, such as a new contract for a sensitive site in central London. This is due to the rig having an intelligent computerised system, which has enabled setup, verticality, and positioning to be automated.

The secret to Performance Foundation’s success and steady growth in the construction industry over the last 45 years is down to their decisions to invest in their machinery and ensure their team has a modern fleet to work on.

If you have a project that could benefit from a well-trained team and modern, versatile fleet and you’d like to discuss it with the Performance Foundation’s team, you can visit their website or contact the team.

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