If there is a deterioration in your existing foundations, then Simpile’s mini-piling in Surrey can offer a viable solution to address these issues. Mini-piling’s adaptability and effectiveness make it a valuable technique for reinforcing and stabilising existing structures. Here are some key benefits of mini-piling for this sort of project:

1. Restricted Headroom Access: Mini-piling is ideal for projects with limited headroom or situations where larger equipment would be impractical. Our smaller rigs can be manoeuvred into tight spaces, making it suitable for reinforcing foundations inside existing buildings.

2. Low Vibrations: The eco-friendly and low-vibration installation process is a significant advantage of mini-piling. This minimal disturbance to the soil makes it possible to use mini-piling in close proximity to nearby structures. Mini-piling for making foundations without causing disruption.

3. Affordability: Our mini-piling can be adapted to suit your budget, this affordability makes it a practical option for homeowners.

Get in touch with us at Simpile, property owners and developers can explore our potential of mini-piling foundations. We can address foundation issues, enhance structural stability, and extend the longevity of their buildings.

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