If you need piling in Kent, we can offer on-site evaluations for the suitability of mini-piling as a foundation solution. Mini-piling’s adaptability and effectiveness make it a valuable option for various types of structures and soil conditions:

1. On-Site Evaluation: Performing a comprehensive on-site evaluation is a crucial step in determining the most suitable foundational approach for a specific project. This evaluation takes into account factors like the type of structure, soil type, soil condition, and project specifications, Simpile will help you make an informed decision.

2. Mini-Piling Strength and Durability: Mini-piling offers the same strength and durability as traditional piling, making it a reliable choice for providing long-term stability to structures.

3. Adaptability to Restricted Spaces: At Simpile, our smaller rigs are less bulky and are ideal for projects with restricted headroom or those involving existing buildings. Their ease of transport and setup make them a practical choice in such scenarios.

Contact Simpile to discuss your project specifications, we’ll then send you a proposal that aligns with your budget and time-frame. Our personalised approach ensures that your chosen foundation solution is well-suited to the unique requirements and conditions of the construction project.

Piling in Kent - Piled Retaining Wall - Basement
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